IT security technology
                                         IT Safety cells and Server Rooms

          T e c h n i c a l    i n f r a s t r u c t u r e   f o r   s e r v e r   r o o m s    a n d   d a t a   c e n t e r s   d i r e c t l y   f r o m   m a n u f a c t u r e r


Alarm Management

Fire Detection for cabinets

Fire Detection for rooms

Fire Prevention

Electrical wiring

Gas extinguishing systems
for cabinets

Gas extinguishing systems
for rooms

Fiber optic cable routing

Air conditioning for cabinets

Air conditioners for rooms

KVM Switches

LAN wiring

Emergency power systems
with diesel

Server Cabinets



Video Surveillance

Access Control


Energy measurements

Solar power generators

Fuel Cells

Wind Generators

Free Cooling air systems


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Smart 216 IP
Smart 232 IP Multi-User Remote Access KVM Switches
The Smart 216 IP and Smart 232 IP provide a local and two remote system administrators secure, BIOS-level access for up to 16 or 32 servers. In addition, two remote users can operate serial sessions for controlling serial devices such as routers, managed network switches or PDU (power supplies).

Smart 116 IP Single-User KVM Switch with remote access capability
The Smart 116 IP KVM, the combined switching and remote access solution is. Up to 16 server administrators centrally in the handle, on a local or remote workstation. Maximum security and BIOS-level access included.


SmartRack 116IP Combined KVM switch and rack console for full control
It is the most efficient and effective way to control server in a rack and administer, and it is for those who need both the console and the switch together, ideally.

Minicom Smart CAT5 Switches combine innovative CAT5 technology with advanced server management via a comfortable user interface. They are the perfect basis for efficient administration in small to medium-sized businesses with 5 to 50 servers.

The compact single-user CAT switches are mountable and offer depending on the model central KVM access to 8 to 16 servers - in the cascade operation, even hundreds of computers supported.

The Multi-User, Remote Access rack mountable KVM switches allow access and control from 16 to 32 servers in the cascade operation, even hundreds of computers supported.

The special Minicom ROC system cables allow connection of various server systems
(PS / 2 and USB) over standard CAT5 cable (UTP / FTP).

In addition to convenient visual server administration offer the Smart CAT5 Switches a layered approach, a serial port and switching the simplest touch of a button.




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