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          T e c h n i c a l    i n f r a s t r u c t u r e   f o r   s e r v e r   r o o m s    a n d   d a t a   c e n t e r s   d i r e c t l y   f r o m   m a n u f a c t u r e r


Alarm Management

Fire Detection for cabinets

Fire Detection for rooms

Fire Prevention

Electrical wiring

Gas extinguishing systems
for cabinets

Gas extinguishing systems
for rooms

Fiber optic cable routing

Air conditioning for cabinets

Air conditioners for rooms

KVM Switches

LAN wiring

Emergency power systems
with diesel

Server Cabinets



Video Surveillance

Access Control


Energy measurements

Solar power generators

Fuel Cells

Wind Generators

Free Cooling air systems


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Access Control - Card Code - finger scan - face recognition -
Time Management

Data centers are not only exposed to natural disasters and limited by hardware failure in the undertaking. They also provide a target for theft, sabotage and vandalism. There are measures of how to provide access-only authorized persons access to the building. So you can rule out theft, sabotage and vandalism.



Card code:
This access control monitor and control the passengers on your computer

Computer center. The plant is designed for 1, 2, 4, 6 or more doors. The software packages are systems that respond flexibly to the demands of customers. The system should be configured locally or remotely and monitored. Input devices such as cards, key rings and watches are open to choice. When reading stations input devices with card and code input can be used.



Fingerprint systems:
Keys, passwords, PINs, etc. can not be forgotten or lost. An elaborate market analysis
has shown that biometric systems are the safest identification media.

The authorized user places his finger on the scanner (outdoor unit). The key code is checked and, if a registered key codes, the door is opened by means of impulse.

• Comfort by simply placing the finger
• Replacement of codes, keys, cards, touch less tokens, etc. by biometric technology
• increased security (loss, theft and spying is impossible or extremely difficult)

Added value:
• Imitation of keys no longer necessary
• No key is needed more (loss-risk security)
• New users need no key
• Guests need no key



Facial and voice recognition:
Our biometric access controls based on the optical recognition of unique personal characteristics. There are images captured and its unique properties (color differences) identified and evaluated. The so-generated and stored data (template) is compared with the data recorded in the access control live scan (matching).

Face recognition provides a fast, hygienic and safe access for employees or visitors and fits into existing security concepts.

• Increased security in access control
• Use as standalone system and integrate into a comprehensive access control system.
• verification of the matching passport and ID card holders.
• Use with all popular RFID card-reading technologies.
• The terminal ergonomics for easy operation with different body sizes.
• All access attempts and unauthorized, can be stored in the system
and logs.
• High level of acceptance because no hygienic or
health concerns raised by the user
can be. A view of the terminal is sufficient.
• High recognition performance.
• Individual adjustment of the acceptance threshold.
• Quick return on investment through automatic admission decision.

This solution is also equipped with a built-in server room monitoring temperatures, burglaries, alarms can be integrated.


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