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          T e c h n i c a l    i n f r a s t r u c t u r e   f o r   s e r v e r   r o o m s    a n d   d a t a   c e n t e r s   d i r e c t l y   f r o m   m a n u f a c t u r e r


Alarm Management

Fire Detection for cabinets

Fire Detection for rooms

Fire Prevention

Electrical wiring

Gas extinguishing systems
for cabinets

Gas extinguishing systems
for rooms

Fiber optic cable routing

Air conditioning for cabinets

Air conditioners for rooms

KVM Switches

LAN wiring

Emergency power systems
with diesel

Server Cabinets



Video Surveillance

Access Control


Energy measurements

Solar power generators

Fuel Cells

Wind Generators

Free Cooling air systems


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Electrical wiring

Elektoverteiler in der Erstellung   Eletroarbeiten   Elektroverteiler fertigerstellt

Electrical distribution assembly


Own electrical installation team


Electric distribution completed

The hardware of a data center is vulnerable to interference.
In particular, the power supply is a critical issue.
However, it is also hardware damage and data loss caused due to electromagnetic fields that interfere with the sensitive data transmission.

About 30% of all computer damage the computer, networking, industrial and automation applications are created by disturbances in the supply network
most by voltage spikes, surges, brownouts and total failures.

Electrical wiring and power distribution for IT systems ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8001

Reliable power with highest availability is one of the most important points in a
Computer server room or data center.

Power outages caused by incorrect or poor hedging and electric cable
There are still a major problem in IT systems.

We supply with our UPS systems secure IT power for the highest availability of their systems.
We use pure computer electronic components according to current standards and regulations (E 8001 in Austria and IEC 60364 international).
We create for each installation, the legally prescribed fixed asset and also carry out checks on the fly.
  An electrical wiring and power distribution in a data center includes:
• a desktop computer equipped with selective IT distribution circuit breakers with residual    current release

• An external bypass switch to a UPS fully in operation by to take power (for service)

• The circuits on 19 "power strips or CE-wired couplings up to the server racks

• A surge protector type B, C

• A complete bonding system for server cabinets

• All statutory inspection measurements after E 8001oder IEC 60364

• A mandatory system for E book 8001oder IEC 60364

• A planned reserve sufficient space in the distribution


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