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          T e c h n i c a l    i n f r a s t r u c t u r e   f o r   s e r v e r   r o o m s    a n d   d a t a   c e n t e r s   d i r e c t l y   f r o m   m a n u f a c t u r e r


IT-Server Safes with cooling

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server safes with cooling



24U Cabinet
Server enclosure cabinet F90
Server enclosure cabinet inside

Individual IT server racks with air-conditioning to 30kW!

If you have a server hardware that requires no more space than a rack, our final "mini-data centers in the rack" just right.

The universal server cabinets with 19 "rails for the installation of all commercial servers can be equipped with the following components:

• Single or redundant air conditioning systems from 800W to 30kW!
• 19 "Gas extinguishing systems
• Fire Detection
• Alarm systems via e-mail or SMS
• UPS systems up to 10kW
• and much more

If the hardware is to be additionally protected from external fire, the cabinets on fire resistance classes are available.
Costly structural fire protection and indoor air measures account.
The default corresponds to a data center.
Change of location in home or relocating to a new office building are easy to handle, because you have the wardrobe for many years and the investment is justified
in the long term.

The life of your hardware is extended by ensuring optimal climate cabinet.
Added value in the fire protection cabinets:
Your main computer's hardware special fire nothing.
GeothermieNo building moisture or fire water penetrate into the cabinet. Debris loads are absorbed by the extremely stable construction. So you can be sure that your system restore is simplified in the case of a disaster.
Added value in the cabinet air systems GREEN-IT:
For the compact air conditioners that are mounted on the side or top cabinet, accounts for the structural complexity, as it is necessary for room air conditioners. It can be driven very low cooling water temperatures, ie: there is a salt water or an energy-efficient central chiller with free cooling, this can be used. It can control up to 80% of energy costs compared to room air conditioning systems. Anhören Umschrift Wörterbuch - Detaillierten Wörterbucheintrag anzeigen


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