IT security technology
                                         IT Safety cells and Server Rooms

          T e c h n i c a l    i n f r a s t r u c t u r e   f o r   s e r v e r   r o o m s    a n d   d a t a   c e n t e r s   d i r e c t l y   f r o m   m a n u f a c t u r e r


IT-Server Safes with cooling

IT-Security cell as an area in space

IT-Security container

IT-Security building

IT-Security room inventory expansion



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We provide a safe physical business equipment you need so that your IT environment without system downtime works and the possible risks are repealed.
This starts with individual secure server cabinets over protection equipment for your existing data center to a turnkey solution as a fail-safe-certified data center.

Rack   it-Zelle   IT-Container

IT-security cabinets with cooling
a solution for smaller servers landscapes


IT-Security cells
as an area in space Server rooms for maximum reliability


IT-Security Container
Portable solution for flexible relocation

datacenter   IT-Sicherheitsraum_Bestabdsausbau   Solaranlage

IT-Security Building
Building Solutions
or portable containers


IT-Server room /Inventory development Upgrading your existing server room


Upgrading your existing server room


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IT-SicherheitszelleIT-safety cell


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