IT Security Services
                                       IT-varnosti celice in server sobe

      T e h n i č n e   i n f r a s t r u k t u r e  z a   s t r e ž n i š k e s o b e   i n   p o d a t k o v n i h c e n t r o v  & e k t   n e p o s r e d n o o d   p r o i z v a j a l c a e r


Your project: from now on top priority!

Roland Brodinger Geschäftsführer und Experte für Serverraum Lösungen

We will install your server room to the current state of technology and provide you with the SERVICE you need, to keep your IT systems always available!

Weltkarte Schweitz Firmenzentrale BRODINGER IT Slowenien Polen Ägypten The fewer ports are needed, the more reliable can handle complex projects.
Take advantage of the direct benefits of the "solution provider" and set to the easy
flow of your project - from conception to the operation.

We look forward to a successful collaboration!



server safesServerracks


security cellSicherheitszelle




security room inventory expansionServerraum mit Ausstattung


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IT-SicherheitszelleIT-safety cell


  Statx Löschanlage    STATX extinguishing systems     for all purposes


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